Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tough Shit!

Today marks an epic milestone for BLDGs.  Today we will be inviting in The Tough Shits to come and rampage in our humble abode as the inaugural radioBLDGs live performance and interview.  

So who are the Tough Shits?  That's a great question.  We have no IDEA!  However, we can tell you from listening to their Burger Records releases "Prick Up Your Ears", a collection of songs from 2007-2008, and their S/T release that these hombres are all about the music.  For us, that's all we need to go off of.  Oh, and they are some how involved w/ Pop Zeus.  So, that will be something to delve deeper into.  Plus a couple questions about life on the road.

Want more?  Tune in to radioBLDGs at 6pm today (OCT 20th 2012 for all you kids from the future)

Got questions for the band?  Hit us up on twitter, @_BLDGS_  Or the ol' FB! our FB home

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