Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Audacity In-Studio, Tough Shits Live Release

We are getting super pumped around here to have Burger Records artist The Audacity in for a live performance & interview tomorrow!  They are currently on tour with Big Eyes and are going to be here in Seattle tonight at The Comet!  We are building up our questions for these traveling troubadours but we also want to hear from you.  Send us your questions either through here, our Facebook, or Twitter account and we'll make sure they are answered!

Also, Tough Shits have agreed to let us post their In-Studio performance from last Saturday to the BLDGs bandcamp page so be on the look out for that in the coming days.  For 5 bucks you can get their performance plus the interview and if we can get it all figured out, we will also send you a video of the interview.  Believe us, you won't wanna miss it.  These guys are SEX-Y!

On the bandcamp tip, we have been getting a lot of downloads of the live sets, but because they are set to "pay what ya want" not a lot a of people are actually paying anything!  We would like to kindly remind you that all money made from the downloads goes directly back to the hands and wallets of the bands.  So PLEASE, donate a buck or 2!  They will thank you for it:)

Until next time kiddos!  BANG-A-RANG!!

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