Sunday, October 14, 2012

Playing Catch Up

So we aren't the hottest at keeping up with keeping you up on what's going around these parts, but we have vowed to DO BETTER!!!

Since last we typed a bit of action has happened.  So, buckle up because we have a lot to cover.

Tellemesser, synth-punk gods, have started recording their new record, and based off of the rough tracks this is gonna be one monster Sci-Fi behemoth of punk carnage!  In case you aren't hip to the awesome jive that is Telemesser, this isn't the first time these amazing dudes have been around the block.  With members from Coconut Coolouts, Strange Boys, The Intelligence and other amazing garage/party/punk/freak/banger bands these boys know how to freak your brain, and believe us... they are going to freak your brain.

MTNs came by for about a week or so to do some mixing with Taylor Carroll at the helm and we gotta say THIS RECORD IS GOING TO KILL!!!  Look for it to come out on Trench Art Records... we think:)

You may or may not have heard that BLDGs recently hosted an awesome party for GGNZLA record's new line of cola, lovingly known as GGNZLAcola.  Each flavor comes with a different download code of some super sick bands and we were so happy to be a part of it!  As part of the festivities GGNZLA invited a few local degenerates to play their swag tunes at the studio.  Bands included:  Don't Talk To The Cops, Ziskis, Branden Daniel & The Chics, T.v. Coahran, Monarchies, Ubu Roi and L'atomium.  Get the cola and the downloads here:  GGNZLA

Speaking of L'atomium, we also have his (Luke Beetham of Seattle's Pony Time) set from the GGNZLAcola party up on the BLDGs bandcamp along with others!  Others you ask?  Well, recently we went on a little road trip down the west coast and we got a super sweet recording of LA based band Bodhi and they allowed us to put the set up for download as well.  As if that wasn't enough we took a trek down Tacoma way and recorded a very beautiful, haunting even, performance by Circadies.  We have a few more sets still pending from some SERIOUSLY BOOMING bands so keep your ear out for those when they get here.  For now, follow this link to get the above mentioned set's in all their glory.  Remember, every dollar you put towards these killer sets by these KILLER bands goes right back to the bands.  KILLLLLLERRRRRRR!!!  Get The Live Sets!

In other BLDGs bandcamp news, fearless leader and kinda sorta the only person who does stuff around here (yeah maybe he's typing this and yeah, maybe he's currently typing in the 3rd person) has been releasing some solo works under his last name.  Schroeder.  So, you know, a little shameless self promotion.  Or should I feel shamed...  Who cares!  Buy them ya NERDS!!!

On to the radio front!  We've been dinking with kinda playing a few hour sets here and there and, yes, we know we have been promising you a shit ton more than what we have delivered, but now it's time to put the pedal to the metal and rock this hog!  What's that mean for you the listener?  Well, how about live sets from bands from all around the country and interviews to boot?  Yeah, that's right.  We've already got a few lined up as well and you can be looking forward to those as soon as Oct 24th.  Who could these first guests be?  We'll let ya know very soon.  It's kinda awesome:)  We've also gotten tons of great records from a certain Fullerton based label who shares it's name with our fave food (and no, it's not pizza) and we will be cranking those records out VERY SOON!!!

We thinks that might be it for now.  Live recordings, MTNs, Telemesser, Radio, GGNZLAcola...  Well, this is exactly why we need to stay on top of this here blog!  If you've been by the studio and we didn't mention you above let us know!

On that note, you can now look forward to weekly updates from the big blue beautiful BLDGs!  Until next time, stay sassy you FREAKS!!!

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