Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I wanna get digital, di-gi-tal

If you've been to the BLDGs bandcamp page then you know that we have a collection of live releases from bands around the Seattle area and a bit beyond.  If you haven't been to the bandcamp page yet then we would like to strongly encourage you to go check it out this week!

We've had a great deal of traffic over the last few months plus a good amount of downloads,  and as you may or may not know, all the money generated from purchasing the live recordings goes directly back to the bands.  The releases are set to "pay what you want" with the hopes that those who can, will put in an amount that is comfortable for their given budget. However, do to the high traffic count and the countless downloads with "$0.00" put in the amount window, it defeats the purpose of actually being able to give back to the bands.  So, what does this mean?

Well, we have decided to go ahead and put a minimum amount of $5.00 for each of the live releases.  We love that we are helping get bands we believe in out to a larger audience, and to watch them be shared with places as far away as the UK, Germany, and Spain is mind blowing to us.  However, the purpose of the live releases was to help the bands generate more income for their talents, art, and hard work.  

We are also going to allow you to pay more for each release if you are of the mind to do so, and give you a bit of a reward for doing so.  If you choose to pay $10.00 or more for any release on the BLDGs bandcamp you will also be mailed a very special BLDGs logo poster, or one of our many collage posters we have made over the last few months.  Don't know about the posters already?  Color me surprised!  We haven't actually mentioned them in official terms, until now, and we will have the posters up later today for you to click through.  Why $10.00?  For printing, packaging, & shipping fees, and also to make sure that each band still gets their 5 bones from the deal.  

You might be asking to yourself, "When is all this going to take place?"  EXCELLENT QUESTION!!!  The live releases will remain "pay what you want" until 11:59pm, Sunday, Nov. 11th.  Starting Monday, Nov. 12th all live releases will switch over to the $5.00 minimum with the option to pay more if you can/want to.  

Hopefully, you still love us, and if you have any thoughts or comments on our decision to make this change, please, feel free to let us know!  if you think you have an idea that can improve on ours we'd love to hear your suggestions.  

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