Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free Music - Limited Time

All live releases on BLDGs bandcamp page are FREE until MIDNIGHT!

The time has come to pump up the prices.  But not by that much.  Tonight at midnight we will be raising the Live Series releases on our bandcamp page from "pay what ya want" to $5.  Why?  Because we've been getting a lot of traffic, which we really appreciate, but the goal was to help local Seattle bands make some extra cash, and being that most of the downloads are coming in w/ a "0.00" in the price column, we don't really think that's all that fair to the awesome people in said bands.

With all that in mind, we are giving you until midnight tonight to take advantage of this 'pay what ya want" fiasco that bit us in the ass so politely.  After that, the $5 will be the minimum price you can pay.  However!  With all that in mind, if you want to pay more for the records, a $10 or more donation will get you not only the live recording in digital form but also a really cool poster from our collection for you to hang on your wall!  Or music room, or beer drinking room, or bar, or kitchen, or car, or butt, or WHATEVER!!!

A quick run down:
$5 - digital download - all money after PayPal expenses goes directly back to band
$10 - digital download & super awesome cool poster - $5 goes back to band
anything more than $10 - digital download, super awesome cool poster, and our love and kisses - all money split evenly with bands

Now, that's kinda a awesome deal, yeah?

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