Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dumbest Idea Ever!

We have officially lost or bananas over here at BLDGs and have decided to just blow it out of the water with the worlds dumBEST idea ever!  What is the worlds dumBEST idea ever?  Well, sit tight real quick and we will tell you in good time.  First, let's bring you up to speed about what's shaking in this bacon.

We recently got uber lucky and were able to snag up a beautiful 16 track 1" tape machine!  Ba-BOOOOM!  We have also done a few sound re-inforcement projects to help make the live room ambience even more tasty to your earbuds.  Add on top of that a few new compressors and reverbs as well as a new 16 track portable digital recorder for remote recording projects (more on this in a future post), and you might say we are up to our ears in awesome!  However, with these upgrades comes a lot of maintenance and upkeep across the board, and to help off-set these new costs we are having to increase our rates ever so slightly.  What exactly is "ever so slightly"?  Well, in this case it means $35/hr and $350/day (day rate is set at 10+ hrs). 

However, that's where our dumBEST idea kicks in.  We know that for some bands even $350/day can be grueling to come up with.  When we started BLDGs, it was to help bands create AMAZING sounding records with pro-level gear on affordable budgets. So, to help ease the new rates in we came up with


Starting today, Jan 1st, 2013 thru March 31st, 2013, we will be offering a special 2 for 1 day rate to all bands who book time starting RIGHT NOW!!  That's a serious amount of savings, and one that might come back to bite us in the ass...  But we are willing to take an ass biting to help you make amazing records without the stress of time constraints.  For you nerdier types, here's the same offer in a math equation:

$350 x 2 / 2 + U = $$$saved!!! 

It doesn't just stop at 1 day, though.  Book 2 days paid, and get an additional 2 days free!  Thats 4 days of recording/mixing for $700!  Keep adding paid days on and keep getting more days free. 


Think of how handy that will be when it comes to mixing.  Really, think about it.  Talk about zero stress, and tons of time to make sure everything is exactly how you want it.

Since we had to increase our rates, we figured we'd help you save a bit of cash by giving you the 2nd day free!  This super awesome deal only applies to the day rate.  That means you CAN NOT book an hour and get a 2nd hour free.  Sorry...  It's gotta be the full day. 

But, with that said, think of what you can get done in 2 days! 

Day 1: record.  Day 2: MIX! 

Think of the overdubs you can do with all that time! 5 part harmonies, horns, string sections, CHAMBER CHOIRS!!!  The sky's the limit people!

So, get on the horn with your band mates and get your beautiful butts in here!!!

Oh, and happy new year:)

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