Friday, July 8, 2011

New News U Kneed 2 Know

In the fore front of our brains here at BLDGs is the beauty that will be July 30th.  To add to the ways you can help be a part of it, we have created a kickstarter campaign that will allow you to reap the benefits of being a part of something great!

Here's the link:

With that out of the way, here's what's going on in other news:

Wolves In The Throne Room came by and visited for 6 days to mix their latest album and we got to hear a few excerpts and let me telll you... IT's GONNA BLOW YOUR MIND!!!  We were very privileged and honored to have hosted them and want to wish them safe travels on their upcoming tour!

Tenderfoot just spent 2 days as well at BLDGs rec'n his newest endeavor and if you haven't heard his music yet he will truly make your heart swell.  We cant wait for him to return so we can mix the ZING out of that ZANG!  check out his previous releases here:

Fresh off the barbie as well are records by SPURM, Consignment, and Lindseys!  Though these records are finished, they have yet to be released so keep an ear to the ground and look out for them 'cause they will FLIP YOUR GRILL OUT!

Feeling down?  Live in the Seattle area?  Well, GGNZLA records was gracious enough to make the perfect tonic for your troubles.  A full line of GGNZLA COLAs have been made to make your summer time party a SUMMER TIME PARTY!!!!  Each cola comes w/ a digital download of some fine fine music, some of which was created right here!  So get your guzzle on!!!  Our fave drink is GGNZLAs TANG... you'll know why when you get one.

That's the that for now, so stay HEP cats and know that BLDGs loves you. 

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