Wednesday, June 15, 2011

12 bands in 12 hours!

We are proud to announce that on July 30th we will be recording 12 of our fave bands in 12 hours! 

What's this mean? 

It means each band will get 1hr to rec 1song.  DUH!  The process will also be filmed with the help from our favest cinema-to-grapher Carlos Lopez!  That way, you the end viewer will get to SEE what we record, so for all you out-of-towner types you'll get to be a part of what Seattle gets to love every night.  PAR-TAY!

Bands who have offered their time and talent are as such:

Charles Leo Gebhardt IV
Witch Gardens
Partman Parthorse
The Chain
Pony TIme
Dude York
So Pitted
...and then one more, but if we gave them all away right now it wouldn't be as much fun now would it.

The end result will be available on CD/DVD and TAPE/VHS plus Digital Download that you will be able to buy right here.


Actually there's not.  HAVE A FUN LIFE PEOPLE!

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